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Re: Inventory class proposal

From: Ben Cohen
Subject: Re: Inventory class proposal
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 08:51:30 +0000 (GMT)

Earlier today, Reinhard M?ller wrote:

> * description: I'm not sure if varchar(50) is enough. I would tend to
>   distinguish between a "short discription" (varchar(50) would be ok
>   for that) and a "long discription", which could even be a blob with
>   formatted text.

Some systems have "description" and "second description" of about that
length.  Or you could have "short description" for internal company use
and "long description"s for company stationery (invoices, etc.)

> * Stock quantity (in all flavours, like min, max, rop, stkQty...) is
>   a hot topic. Many companies only use integer quantities (like pieces),
>   and other companies need even three fractional digits.
>   I know that two digits are not enough, because my current software has
>   two digits and I had to change it for some of my customers :)

You probably need a precision (e.g. stock values rounded to/stored as
whole number (1) or 0.05).


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