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Inventory class proposal

From: Reinhard Müller
Subject: Inventory class proposal
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 00:02:51 +0100


Sorry for the late response. I have some additional proposals to the
class diagram you sent a few days ago:

* ItemNum: varchar(12) is too short IMO. Many companies I know have
  Item Numbers with 15 digits or more. I think varchar(20) would be
* description: I'm not sure if varchar(50) is enough. I would tend to
  distinguish between a "short discription" (varchar(50) would be ok
  for that) and a "long discription", which could even be a blob with
  formatted text.
* Sorry but I don't understand what stkType is. Could you give me an
  example? Maybe it's because of my bad English, but I know there are
  others with not much better English on the list :)
* Does it make sense to make inv_itemsuppliers.claimedLeadTimeDays with
  fractional digits?
* Stock quantity (in all flavours, like min, max, rop, stkQty...) is
  a hot topic. Many companies only use integer quantities (like pieces),
  and other companies need even three fractional digits.
  I know that two digits are not enough, because my current software has
  two digits and I had to change it for some of my customers :)
* For all things that you use varchar(12) (except for the Item Number)
  I think varchar(8) would be sufficient. They all should be only codes
  (so to say shortcuts), where a longer text is taken from another table,
  like in inv_stktype.
* I don't understand the difference between stkQty and cntQty in
* From your diagram it's not clear if locationID is a part of the PK of
  inv_warehouseloc. IMHO it should not be.

However, thank you very very much for being the first one submitting
a real tangible module proposal. I'm very much looking forward to the
details we will get in SGML.

Reinhard Müller
GNU Enterprise

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