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Re: Company Resources and GNU Enterprise

From: Alejandro Imass
Subject: Re: Company Resources and GNU Enterprise
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 06:57:12 -0700 (PDT)


Which table definition document should we follow:

The modue design proposal
The Table Definition Tutorial


BTW. What is the reson for primary keys not being
exposed to users. For example in inventory ItemNum is
the primary key. Why should there be another. What if
the model is multiple-column primary key?
If this is so, then the application would have to
validate the primary key instead of the RDBMS?!

OK. Suppose we have to follow this guideline. Then
there should be somekind of seed table or sequence
defined in the RDBMS to generate these hiden primary

Also, for inventory suppliers and related companies I
think someone should define (I can do it if you want)
a general purpose Address Book to hold all contact
information gruped by company and comany type
(internal, supplier, contractor, repair, etc...)
Is someone elese working on this.

Also for Inventory, I need to declare certain GL
account fields. Are these defined yet (length, format,


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