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A call for assistance - Was Re: join?

From: James Thompson
Subject: A call for assistance - Was Re: join?
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 10:37:04 -0500 (CDT)

> hi,
> I'd like to join the GNU enterprise project, but I have no idea what is
> the most urgent development which has to be done... can any of you give me
> an idea of the project status?

Lots needs to be done.  We tend to ask people to work on what interests
them.  If you enjoy what you're doing hopefully you'll stick around :)

We currently have people actively working on
  libGDA     - part of Gnome-db
  gnue forms - User Interface
  geas       - Application server

Any of these areas could benefit from additional hands.  

I think it also important to get gnue reports functional as quickly as
possible.  There is some discussion w/ the gnome-db people to merge
efforts but I don't recall where we are at on that.

If lower level tools are not your thing then we are rapidly approaching
the point where we need higher level proposals created, existing proposals
reviewed and altered/fleshed out if they are not adequate.

If you're the kind of person that enjoys documentation then again lots
needs to be done.  Documentation is a high priority for GNUe and we have
no intentions of releasing 0.1.0 of the tools w/o documentation.  Which
means that it'll need updated or written.

autoconf and stuff could always use work (or creation :)

Don't like coding, documenting, or designing?  We need ALPHA-testers.  
GNUe Forms is now capable of very simple 2-tier applicatoins based upon
postgres backends and supports 3-tier via it's GEAS driver.  GEAS
added object filter support about 15 hours ago.  It too is usable.

Quick status updates: (all cvs code)
    gnome free thanks to reinhard which allows us to proceed 
     w/ GEAS support for libGDA 
    compatible w/ glib 1.3 or GTK objects
    reinhard knows status of this best
    mysql support, postgres support (currently broken)
    fillter support brand spanking new
    object trigger support available (IIRC)
    much more I've forgotten
    treshna knows status best
  GNUE Forms (The only one I really know well :)
    wxWindows (unix and windows) support, ncurses support (currently broken)
    postgresql and GEAS support
    master/detail block support (UI issues)
    input validation via foreign keys, entry attributes
    widgets can have multiple records visible on screen
    basic triggers supported python code embeded in forms is supported
      (Chris is reworking this now to add more features)

All in all things are starting to come together.  I've installed a simple
2-tier gnue forms application is a local shop over the weekend.  Derek is
using it to enter data into a tables for an unrelated project and has
submitted a script to reduce hand editiing of gfd files. 

We're currently pushing for a 0.0.4 of gnuef and a 0.0.3 of geas this
week.  And working on finializing feature sets for a 0.1.0 release.
However, the TODO lists on both gnuef and geas seem to be getting long
instead of shorter!  What's up with that? ;)

Take Care

James Thompson    138 Cardwell Hall  Manhattan, Ks   66506    785-532-0561 
Kansas State University                          Department of Mathematics

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