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libgda is now GNOME-independent

From: rodrigo
Subject: libgda is now GNOME-independent
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2000 12:58:32 +0200

Hi all!

After a productive evening yesterday, I've checked in all the changes
that make, at last, libgda totally GNOME-independent. You don't need
anymore GNORBA, nor any GNOME library not even to compile. The only
dependency that is left is the GTK one, but this one won't be removed
until GLib 2.0 is out.

Although you need GTK, you don't even need an X server to be running to
run the GDA applications, since the X display is never open. This is
because instead of using gtk_init (which tries to open the display and
terminates program if it can't) I use gtk_type_init, which just
initializes the GTK type system, which is the only GTK thing being used.

Thanks very much to Reinhard who did almost all the "dirty" work
(converting to GLib's GObject).

so, enjoy it!

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