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Development Release 0.0.3 of GNU Enterprise Forms

From: Derek A. Neighbors
Subject: Development Release 0.0.3 of GNU Enterprise Forms
Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2000 14:03:48 -0700

Well all we have hit a MEGA milestone!!!!!!!!!!!!

We now have a release of GNUe Forms that works with Postgres Database
for inserts/updates/queries!!!!!!!!  

Currently it is available on our sourceforge site and will be on gnue
site and gnu site soon.

Here are some of the key changes since the last revision.

New features/changes in version 0.0.3: (10/08/2000)

o Insert, query(wildcards too!), udpate all functional.
o Database/Datasource support added.
o Global debugging ability added.
o Trigger support at basic level.
o DPyGetOpt dependency removed.  Standard Python getopt used.
o In .gfd <option> tag changed to </options>.
o Parser that supports two different option formats instituted.
o Support for .gfd to come from url/ftp/file added.
o Error handling for verify .gfd file exists patched.
o Support for mulitiple records in memory.
o Password entry boxes added.
o Samples updated.

Some work will be done on the simple Purchase Order sample to make it
usable for a small business and put in to production at one of the local
shops within the month.  Documentation is now starting to be revisited
as well.  We really need some MODULE PROPOSALs based off the template. 
By next week we hope to have the GNU Enterprise Application Server
(formerly GEDI) hooked up to GNUe Forms.  At this time we will problably
put a major milestone marker in the ground for GNU Enterprise and
release some other announcements. 

The Application Server is moving along nicely.  There will be a tarball
release of 0.0.1 of it soon.  The addition of embedded python engine for
rules has plagued the Red Hat side of the fence as they have packaged
shared libraries to Python horribly wrong.  This bug is in process of
resolution and tarball should be out soon. (Note:  I had version ready
to tarball and forgot to. Then deleted and grabbed new CVS with python
as I was over excited. So, Bad Masta No Donut!)

Thanks go out to all the developers who have really turned on the jets
as anyone metering the CVS commit list can see.  Also, many thanks to
all those that have stayed with GNU Enterprise over the years, please
enjoy the works that are to come.  We are officially out of vapor ware

It appears we will be at Comdex in Vegas this November and possibly
LinuxWorld in New York this Feb.  We would love to meet with people
interested in and following this project.

Hopefully these mails wil be ever more frequent as things progress. :) 
Sorry for the horrible communication over the last few months, but
getting some releases out superceded communication. (when your a small
group sometimes you have to pick)  We are working to make this better.

Derek Neighbors
GNU Enterprise

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