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RE: New Object Server Documents

From: Stuart Quimby
Subject: RE: New Object Server Documents
Date: Wed, 04 Oct 00 17:18:30 -0400


This is a reminder to all that I HAVE NOT dropped out
but have been watching silently. 

I decided to chill 'till some stuff like GEDI and
Forms got clearer, and people's roles got naturally
defined. In this sense I definitively feel that I
belong in the application/module/package development
area, abiding to whatever standards come up.

This has been my position, too.  'Been boning up on Python and deep into 
materials mngmnt. from the position of my own needs (small manufacturer).  I 
haven't been programming for quite awhile, but I sure know what works 'on the 
factory floor'.  I've hacked my shrink-wrap accounting package into so many 
pieces, the original authors probably wouldn't recognize it.

As some of you might remember I was basically
concentrated on the Materials Management side and
submitted the first draft in this sense.

Is this available on the site?  I can't seem to find it.  If not, 
where could I get a copy?  I'd be most interested to see what you've done.

During this "silent period" I decided to brush up on
UML and DIA and have been working on th UML model of
Inventory and Warehouse Management, in a purely
abstract form. This is cool because I can easily adapt
to the new specs comming out like the Object Server
proposal which I am digesting and will be asking some
questions shortly.

What are UML and DIA?

Stuart Quimby

Stuart Quimby
President, Design Science Toys Ltd.
1362 Rt.9
Tivoli, NY  12583
Tel: 914.756.4221
Fax: 914.756.4223

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