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Re: A report example available

From: Derek A. Neighbors
Subject: Re: A report example available
Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2000 23:45:27 -0700

Bill Barnes wrote:
> >===== Original Message From Carlos Perello Marin <address@hidden> =====
> >Well folks i have write a BASIC example for a report.
> >
> >It only shows a basic report, it needs reviews and correct some missing
> >parameters, but i think that it would be a base to start the development
> >isn't it?
> >
> >I only have one doubt, What about the queries? We will use SQL queries
> >or XML queries? (IMO we must use XML queries).
> Agreed from the viewpoint that XML makes more technical sense, but I bet there
> are a lot more people that know SQL.  Better have a translate form SQL to XML.
>  Possible?

I think we MUST support both.  At this point XML queries to my knowledge
is still unproven in libgda and a large learning curve for most opposed
to familar SQL and why SQL should be approached first then XML.

Derek Neighbors
GNU Enterprise

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