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Re: GNUe Designer bzr-948 ~ Simple form wizard

From: Randall Whitman
Subject: Re: GNUe Designer bzr-948 ~ Simple form wizard
Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2011 11:08:15 -0700

> I've just created my first form with the wizard, and not only that it
> works, the XML created by designer really looks nice, regarding
> formatting and arrangement! :-)

Great to hear, thanks.

> The wizard itself is somewhat "compressed" on my screen, for example the
> listbox with the fields to select only shows 2 letters.

On mine, it shows about 4 characters ... funny thing is, when testing with
the same table repeatedly, and focusing on other things ... I really never
noticed that.  There certainly is room to display that better.

> It seems like designer has some separate display routines to show the
> current design of the form. I believe that some earlier version of
> designer used gnue-forms to actually display the layout, and if you
> think this is a good option and some changes in gnue-forms are necessary
> to achieve this, I'm ready to make these changes.

Correct.  I have not yet thoroughly thought through what I think would be
the better approach.  Designer and Forms are doing slightly different things
when displaying a form:
* Forms must provide a functional form, but has no interest in modifying
  the form definition;
* Designer would like to update form definitions (add fields, reorder things,
  maybe change sizing, ...), but does not necessarily need to embed a
  functional form (although if not substantially more difficult, might
  in fact be a neat feature).


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