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[GNUe-dev] An unexpected internal error has occured

From: André de Souza Pinto
Subject: [GNUe-dev] An unexpected internal error has occured
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2006 00:34:02 -0200
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This error occurs when I execute de first exemplo of the devguide.pdf

gnue-forms appserver://appserver/form/address_person

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\python24\Lib\site-packages\gnue\common\rpc\drivers\xmlrpc\", line 281, in do_POST
File "C:\python24\Lib\site-packages\gnue\common\rpc\drivers\xmlrpc\", line 124, in call
   result = self._tcpServer._dispatch (method, params)
  File "C:\Python24\Lib\", line 406, in _dispatch
   return func(*params)
File "C:\python24\Lib\site-packages\gnue\common\rpc\drivers\xmlrpc\", line 138, in _call
   result = getattr (storedObject, method) (*parameters)
File "C:\python24\Lib\site-packages\gnue\appserver\", line 247, in count
   result = len (self.__recordset)
File "C:\python24\Lib\site-packages\gnue\appserver\", line 1248, in __len__
   return len (self.__resultSet) + len (self.__add) + self.__added \
TypeError: __len__() should return an int

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