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Re: [GNUe-dev] Intuitive behaviour in Forms

From: Tom Demuyt
Subject: Re: [GNUe-dev] Intuitive behaviour in Forms
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 12:50:20 -0400

> * Also, an intuitive behaviour for the return key could be:
> 1. if the focus is in a multi-line entry, insert a newline
> 2. otherwise, if the focus is on a button, press that button
> 3. otherwise, if the form has a default button (which could be set by a
> trigger), press the default button
> 4. otherwise, move to the next entry

3. pressing return on say a single field should not trigger the
default button , that is very mainframe time. Instead a validation on
the field or perhaps all the fields ( like SAP ) could be more
appropriate + (if just the 1 field is checked) a move to the next


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