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[Gnue-dev] Trouble using gnue

From: Aditya Gilra
Subject: [Gnue-dev] Trouble using gnue
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 04:35:20 -0700 (PDT)



As I've said before, we're trying to use gnue to make
a book production management system.
We're facing the following problems. Please help.

1. Let's say we have master and slave blocks in a
form/page. We do not want the user to run a query on
the the slave block only on the master block. How do
we restrict that? Don't you think this will be true
always. Shouldn't this be hard-coded into forms?

2. We're using surrogate primary keys for all tables.
This way business logic is independent of database
referential logic. These surrogate keys are to be
taken from a sequence created in postgresql using -
create seuence <seq_name>. How do I read the next
value of this sequence. In sql I would write this as -
select next_val(seq_name). How do I do this from a
trigger in forms?

3. I couldn't find the bug status of ticket #78 - the
web page wouldn't open - or
So do we now have a method to refresh the list in a
dropdown after modifying the datasource. It's

4. What about the pygtk2 form we wrote. Won't you
accept it?

- Aditya Gilra.

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