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[Gnue-announce] Kernel Cousins GNUe #56

From: Peter Sullivan
Subject: [Gnue-announce] Kernel Cousins GNUe #56
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 23:48:26 +0000

Kernel Cousins GNUe #56 is at

Topics covered:
1.  Designing a Security Framework for GNUe
2.  GNUe Community and Applications
3.  GNUe Small Business
4.  GNUe Schema Definition (.gsd) format
5.  Transaction processing in Application Server
6.  Converting Reports XML output to Postscript
7.  Alternatives to wxPython toolkit with GNUe on Microsoft Windows
8.  GNUe Tools compared to Great Plains toolkit
9.  CSV (Comma Separated Values) 'database' driver for GNUe
10. i18n in GNUe
11. New (0.4.1 etc.) releases for GNUe Tools
12. Feature plans for 0.5.0 and later
13. Merging GNUe and Papo CVS code
14. Getting involved with GNUe
15. Structure of Debian packages for GNUe
16. Format Masks for GNUe
17. Transaction stamping and getSequence
18. Auto sequences for primary keys in GNUe with mySQL
19. Branching CVS for stable and unstable branches
20. GNUe Tools as a Microsoft Access replacement
21. Encoding option for PostgreSQL to move from gnue.conf to connections.conf
22. Options for tabbed forms
23. Scrollbars in Forms
24. Multi-column unique constraints in SQL
25. Twisted as an alternative to GNUe Application Server
26. GNUe Small Business and project papo - overlap?
27. Status of Curses (text-only) version of Forms

Note that we are currently looking for volunteers to help us take this Kernel Cousin group authored - please contact us for more details, or see

Peter Sullivan <address@hidden> 

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