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[Gnue-announce] Kernel Cousins GNUe #55

From: Peter Sullivan
Subject: [Gnue-announce] Kernel Cousins GNUe #55
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2002 18:26:11 +0000

Kernel Cousins GNUe #55 is now available at

Threads Covered
1.  OLAP tools and pivot tables in Reports
2.  ODBC and native drivers for Unidata
3.  Halloween e-mails on AppServer functionality
4.  Debian packages into sid (unstable) distribution
5.  Adding functions to Trigger namespace
6.  Other GNUe Forms clients
7.  CSV driver for GNUe
8.  GNUe's Event system
9.  Zope as an Application Server
10. Feature plans for GNUe
11. Data browser and Dynamic Forms
12. DCL release plans
13. Master-detail blocks in Forms
14. wx Mouse Paste in Forms not working
15. GTK2 driver for Forms on Microsoft Windows
16. Forms for very large tables - block/page limitation
17. Latest psycopg driver version breaks Designer wizards
18. Sloppy queries in Forms
19. for Microsoft Windows
20. Object repository in Application Server
21. Freedom issues with OpenMFG
22. Curses (text-only) Forms client
23. Planning for next release
24. Sample database for all GNUe Tools
25. GNUe Schema Definition (.gsd) file formats
26. Demo GNUe Application at Oracle World
27. i18n issues with Reports
28. Producing labels from Reports
29. Using other projects' code in GNUe

Peter Sullivan <address@hidden>

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