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[Gnue-announce] Kernel Cousins GNUe #53

From: Peter Sullivan
Subject: [Gnue-announce] Kernel Cousins GNUe #53
Date: Sat, 2 Nov 2002 16:41:17 +0000

Kernel Cousins GNUe #53 is now available at
This is our special first anniversary issue!

Threads Covered: 1.  Volunteers for General Ledger
2.  GNUe support for Oracle 9i
3.  Bug-squishing in Forms
4. Version of 0.4.0 GNUe Tools for Microsoft Windows without debug window
5.  Application Server documentation on web site
6.  GNUe Roadmaps and general project organisation
7.  Data modelling and schema tools for GNUe
8.  Problems with Forms splashscreen
9.  Python site customisation for encoding
10. GNUe Debian packages won't install correctly over a non-package install
11. Updating drop-down lists and changeable runtime parameters
12. Sample/demo database for GNUe
13. GNUe Documentation and Developer's Guide
14. Performance and Overhead issues with AppServer
15. Designer usability and architecture
16. SAP-DB as a free (GPL) database back-end to GNUe
17. Sales Tax in the USA
18. Forms Guide for Develeopers
19. Security framework for GNUe
20. GNUe Developers meeting in Germany
21. n-tier vs. 2-tier - when not to use Application Server?
22. Mailing list for DCL tickets
23. Parsing error on Forms without any fields
24. GNUe on hand-held PDAs and python versions required
25. Free/Open-Source ERP portal sites
26. GNUe small business packages
27. Still some focus problems with Forms
28. GNUe Web Site organisation
29. Writing GNUe applications in other languagues
30. Debian packages for GNUe into sid (unstable)
31. Python version for GNUe
32. Problems with PostgreSQL introspection effect Designer schema wizard
33. Free/Open-Source Financials Packages

Peter Sullivan <address@hidden>

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