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[Gnue-announce] New GNU Enterprise website

From: Peter Sullivan
Subject: [Gnue-announce] New GNU Enterprise website
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 19:08:23 +0100


   GNUe Enterprise are pleased to announce the launch of their new
   website, available at the same old address of
   It's just over a year since we started using phpNuke for the main
   website. Although this has made adding new content to the site (in 
   form of news stories) much easier, it has caused some other problems:
   1) No immediate 'in your face' explanation to newcomers of what GNU
   Enterprise was/is/will be.
   2) The "community"/discussion aspects of the site never really 
   critical mass. Nearly all news items were initiated by project team
   members of either this or related projects, and there were very few
   comments posted.
   3) We are committed to maintaining a web presence not just on our 
   web site, but also on the GNU/FSF web site at However, maintaining two seperate
   web sites was not time-effective.
   4) Despite offers of spare bandwidth and server space, the phpNuke
   site could not be easily mirrored, to provide load sharing and
   resiliance to fall over of the main server.
   5) phpNuke generated awkward URLs with lots of &-ey references to
   articles and other documents, which was a pain when trying to
   reference specific pages from elsewhere (especially from XML 
   such as GNUe Kernel Cousins!).
   6) In places where we did need to update content (e.g. the Downloads
   and Documentation sections), we tended to do it by ignoring phpNuke
   and doing simple file listings anyway.
   We would continue to recommend the free version of phpNuke (or, if
   you're starting today, probably the free fork Postnuke) for anyone 
   needs a free software solution for a fully-dynamic, database-driven,
   news-orientated web site. We've just come to realise that we do not
   The new web site is intended to be a much simpler site, both for 
   to navigate and for us to maintain and administer. At the moment, 
   of the content is just material from the old phpNuke site (in most
   cases, updated for recent changes to the project). However, we will 
   developing and growing the site over the next few months.
   The site is available at both and (soon)
   Technical notes:
   The new site is written using PHP as the back-end/application on the box. At the moment, very little PHP
   functionality (other than server-side includes) is being used,
   although this may change as the site develops. The 
   of the site will be done by mirroring the content from the main site
   on a daily basis, using wget.
   Any specific problems with the new site should be reported to the
   webmaster, <address@hidden>. 
   General feedback should go to the gnue mailing list, <address@hidden>.

Peter Sullivan <address@hidden>

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