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Re: esql documentation

From: Simon Sobisch
Subject: Re: esql documentation
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 2021 11:47:55 +0100
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Am 06.11.2021 um 03:16 schrieb Michael Potter:
Gnu Crew,

We intend to support SQL code in COBOL/CICS code that we compile with

Sounds good.

We are trying to compile code that originated on an IBM mainframe and
accessed DB2.

Our target will be Postgres.

In this case it is likely that you'll need to adjust some of the SQL
parts and the connecting, but you are likely aware of the differences
between DB2 and Postgres. Just to make it clear - it is a good move -
but always calculate with additional necessary time - and best take an
ESQL preprocessor that you _could_ tweak, if necessary.

Is there any good documentation for esql usage with GnuCOBOL?

Any tips for us as we get started?

Make up your mind first if Postgres is the "fixed" target, in this case
you can go with an ESQL preprocessor that uses postgres "directly".

The "common" ESQL preprocessor that was used for this was - I do know of
production environments which use that, but it seems quite unmaintained
and has a bunch of "culprits" (starting with all DECLARE CURSOR have to
be in the PROCEDURE DIVISION so you potentially have to adjust _every_

Then there's another free ESQL processor used in production "ESQL for
GnuCOBOL/OpenCOBOL" written by Sergey Kashyrin found at
(@Sergey: I think it would be really good to update that to the latest
"3" version if that's stable now).
It uses ODBC and targets a lot of different DB servers, not only
Postgres and is also used in production.
Note that because of the ODBC use "bad DB design / access" kicks back
much more (especially lots of single reads can be much slower with the
Postgres ODBC environment than when you use the Postgres library
directly). It is still maintained by Sergey.
You can find quite some information about that at

The last one which I'd likely try for new setups first is Gix-SQL which
is a maintained heavy fork of Open-COBOL-ESQL. It is believed to have
all "culprits" of the former solved.
That one has one preprocessor but can target either Postgres, MySQL
(both via their native libraries) or "any ODBC", for details see
There's currently no "stand-alone release" so you'd either need to build
it on your own or take the complete Gix-IDE and then only use the
Gix-SQL part of it.
The last announcement of Gix-IDE is at
which also includes a roadmap which has "stand-alone release of Gix-SQL)
in it.

No matter which route you follow it would be nice to get an "update" to
this list when you've progressed further to allow people learn from your
experiences or about your considerations.

Happy hacking,

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