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[task #16263] Errors in the library: remove all exit() calls

From: Jash Shah
Subject: [task #16263] Errors in the library: remove all exit() calls
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2022 07:12:49 -0500 (EST)

Follow-up Comment #3, task #16263 (project gnuastro):

I've been working on the new _error.h_ module for the library. After many
discussions, we decided to go with the _gal_error_t_ structure to hold a list
of all the errors encountered as suggested by Mohammad. However, a few
additions have been made:

typedef struct gal_error_t
  uint8_t code;              /* Code of the problem wrt to each library.*/
  uint8_t lib_code;          /* Library which created the error.        */
  uint8_t is_warning;        /* Defines if the error is only a warning. */
  char *back_msg;            /* Detailed message of backend (library)   */
  char *front_msg;           /* Detailed message of front end (caller). */
  struct gal_error_t *next;  /* Next error message.                     */
} gal_error_t;

Here, the 8 bit library code(`lib_code`) indicates which library
generated the error. All libraries have their own unique
code defined in alphabetical order inside an enum.

8 bit flag indicating if the error is a breaking error or just a

The 8 bit error typecode(`code`) indicates the type of error within that
library. Each library has its own error types defined as 32-bit macros. These
macros are constructed to hold the value of all three above-mentioned

I've also added some basic functions for error handling and parsing of the
_gal_error_t_ structure. The cosmology module has been changed to now use this
new error module.

Here is the commit with the work done till now:


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