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[task #14639] Table arithmetic operator to find rows within given region

From: Mohammad Akhlaghi
Subject: [task #14639] Table arithmetic operator to find rows within given region
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2020 14:32:18 -0400 (EDT)
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Update of task #14639 (project gnuastro):

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Follow-up Comment #5:

In my previous comment, I had mentioned this as a column arithmetic operator.
But now that I think more about, it is more like the `--range' operator (where
we remove some rows based on a certain criteria).

What I am think of now is to call this function something like below, assuming
that the desired coordinates are in the `X_COL' and `Y_COL' columns and that
the polygon vertices are (X1,Y1), (X2,Y2), (X3,Y3) and (X4,Y4).

asttable table.fits --inpolyon=X_IMG,Y_IMG,X1,Y1:X2,Y2:X3,Y3:X4,Y4

The parsing of the values to the option can be done with the
`gal_options_parse_*' functions that deal with strings (defined in
`lib/options.c' and declared in `lib/gnuastro-internal/options.h').

Essentially, I would recommend to look into how the `--range' option is
implemented in table. Once you understand that, you can start defining this
function and work on the implementation of it.

Just please note that I am terribly busy during the next seven days, I will
address any Gnuastro issue on Savannah after that. So please feel free to read
the code and experiment on it, I am sure you will do it fast ;-). The
hardest/newest part for you may be the parsing of the values on the
command-line, but I am sure you'll figure it out fast: just follow the
program's flow.


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