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[gnu-quality] quality/best practices project

From: Karl Berry
Subject: [gnu-quality] quality/best practices project
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2010 00:02:48 GMT

Hi everyone --

Martin Pool has happily agreed to join this project of GNU "code
quality", "best practices", whatever you want to call it.

Martin, you haven't missed anything :).  (You should have just received
the welcome message.)

Just to kick things off ... some preliminary ideas from Jim and Simon were:

- the syntax-check stuff in gnulib 
- how to valgrind to track serious memory bugs
- how to use gcov/lcov for code coverage,
- how to use the clang static analyzer.

I don't feel like I am the one in charge of this (and I don't want to :),
but it seems like we could aim for writing some kind of hopefully-short
standalone document, e.g., sections on each of the above and whatever
other topics come up.  When we have something useful we can put it on, etc.

Thoughts?  Can someone else (Ludo?) volunteer to coordinate this effort?


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