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We would like to take this opportunity to wish..... 
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!              

Dear Customer:

SignMAX is a canadian companie with 13 years experience creating signmaking 
software. With WinPCSIGN 10, 
for Windows 95,98,2000 & NT, we are able to provide the most solid, dependable 
and easiest to use signmaking
software on the market today. SignMAX offers knowledge, technology, training, 
and technical support to all its clients 
and associates. Our product is comparable to Signlab and Flexisign, which means 
that we have the all the lettering 
and signmaking applications they might have, but we can offer them at a better 
price. And, to top things off, we have 
maximized the integration of new technologies into our software, such as 
digital cameras and the ability to take real 
measurements of objects in pictures (distances, lengths, heights, angles as 
they would be in real life). 

We offer you three levels of the WinPCSIGN program to suit your needs. 
   WinPCSIGN Basic $  350.00 U$
    WinPCSIGN Plus  $  895.00 U$
    WinPCSIGN Pro   $ 1975.00 U$

All of our versions offer the ability to cut and engrave, we are compatible 
with all major
engravers/routers/cutters,  We invite you to download our demo on:

Marketing department

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data base. Please reply the e-mail with "remove" subject.

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From: SignMAX Entreprises
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