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Re: missing libraries

From: Guéry Olivier
Subject: Re: missing libraries
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 10:08:50 +0100

Le 2001.12.21 09:56, Douglas McCarthy a écrit :

I've compiled and installed Lilypond on redhat 7.1, and can generate
files successfully from LY sources.

I can't, however, generate either DVI or PDF (pdflatex).

        What command did you use ?
        "ly2dvi" or "lilypond" and then "tex toto.tex" ?
        The first one is the right way to produce .dvi file.

I have tetex 1.0.7-15. What other libraries do I need (assuming my
problem is
one of missing libraries)?

        What is the output error message ?

I've tried to find tetex-devel for my version of tetex, but with no

Can anyone help
        We're gone tried, it's christmas time no :o))
nemo. -- Olivier Guéry <address@hidden>

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