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ANNOUNCE: Emacs MIDI-input mode for LilyPond

From: Hans Lub
Subject: ANNOUNCE: Emacs MIDI-input mode for LilyPond
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 12:51:10 +0200

I have always missed a few things in any music notation package I know of:

* The ability to input music "step-time" with *only* my MIDI keyboard 
* Easy input of repeating rhythmic or articulation patterns 

Free software is all about "scratching your own itch" (in Eric
Raymond's elegant formulation), so I made an GNU Emacs elisp package
to input notenames with a MIDI keyboard which lets you do the
above-mentioned things.

It is a minor mode for GNU Emacs to type note names (in GNU
LilyPond format) with your MIDI keyboard. You can bind text or Emacs
functions to "shifted" notes (i.e. notes you play very loudly or
together with a special "shift" note). There are special functions for
fast typing of repeated patterns (dotted rhythms or repeated

I only tried it under Linux; other Unices will probably work, but as it
contains a bit of C code to capture the output from the MIDI keyboard
I am not too optimistic about getting it to run under Windows.

Hans Lub

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