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Adjusting paper

From: Davide Romanini
Subject: Adjusting paper
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001 11:30:58 +0200


I don't like how lilypond (or LaTeX) handles paper margins. In fact, it leaves too space at bottom of each page, it could place there another line of music, or, at least, it should change the spacing between systems to better fit the space available in each page. How can I change this? I tried to change the geometry parameters in the latex
file generated by lilypond but I've hadn't success...

Another question: when I make two chords like <gis d(> <)a cis> I want a slur starting from d and ending on a. Generally Lilypond places the slur in the right way, but sometimes it simply ignores my directives and places the slur in a very ugly way. I've used a simple workaround for this using another voice with invisible stems and adding the slur in this voice instead. I think anyway that it's a very big bug in lilypond if it cannot place the slur
where I want in chords. I'm wrong?

Another question (again... ;-): there's a way to make a slur that firstly is down then change direction and goes up (and viceversa)? Often when editing piano music I need a slur following a voice that changes staff. Surely I can make it using direct postscript in the source, but I've noticed the details(list) and also control-points(list) parameters for
the slur grob. I've tried the lattest but it seems to not change anything...

Another question (okay, this is the last): there's a way to change the inclination of a hairpin? Often, in very complex piano music is impossible to place an hairpin because it collides with other objects. I'd want to change it's inclination to avoid collisions.
I've not found any parameter to change this... :-(

Bye, Romaz

PS: Sorry for my very very bad English, I hope you have understood anyway...

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