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Re: Fwd: fingering

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Fwd: fingering
Date: Sun, 02 Sep 2001 19:55:43 +0200

> Hello,                                                                
>  I'm a classical guitar player, so i'm interested in writing scores   
> for                                                                   
>  classical guitar. Naturally, score written for classical guitar      
> consist                                                               
>  of many finger instructions (for both hands) as well as string       
> instruction.                                                          
>  I have two questions:                                                
>  * Lilypond puts fingering instructions only to the top or bottom of  
> the                                                                   
> note,                                                                 
>    but it's sometimes necessary to put the fingering instruction just 
> near(left                                                             
>    of, or right of) the note. Is there a way to do this ?             

There's no perfect solution available right now, but
you could take a look at the example file

>  * I coulnd't have found out how to put string info, i.e. which string
> is                                                                    
> to                                                                    
>    be played, in lilypond manuals.(i'm using version 1.4.2) In        
> classical                                                             
> guitar                                                                
>    score string info is shown with a circled number. Is there a way to
> do                                                                    
>    this ?                                                             

There's no builtin support for adding circles around text scripts
or rehearsal marks at the moment. It could be done with inline
TeX code, though.


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