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Re: 1.4.7.jcn1 for windows]

From: Jérémie Lumbroso
Subject: Re: 1.4.7.jcn1 for windows]
Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2001 19:35:16 +0200

Hi William,

  I  installed  lilypond  earlier  and  had  the  exact same
  problem  (it  seems to be a bug due to unfindable resource
  module, located in cygwin/lib/python2.1 [*.py *.pyc *.pyo]
  I'm  currently  in the process of downloading the official
  Python package to see if I can't obtain the missing files)

  Here's the echange until now :

JL> Hi Jan,

JL> I  just  installed  lilypond-1.4.7.jcn1, and after compiling
JL> the  star  spangled  banner test file (or any other Lilypond
JL>  file),  I get the following error message :

JL> address@hidden ~$ dir
JL> address@hidden ~$ LY2DVI

JL> Traceback (most recent call last):
JL>   File "/usr/lilypond-1.4.7.jcn1/bin/", line 69, in ?
JL>     import resource
JL> ImportError: No module named resource

JL> Is it due to my configuration, or is it a real bug?


JN> I don't know.  If you're still using python-1.5.2, you could try
JN> upgrading.


JL> Nope, I'm using Python 2.1

Best regards,
 Jérémie                            mailto:address@hidden

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