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Re: stephz (was: no subject)

From: David Raleigh Arnold
Subject: Re: stephz (was: no subject)
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 18:31:09 -0400

Maurizio Umberto Puxeddu wrote:
> David Raleigh Arnold wrote:
> > [...snip...]
> >
> > Also, why al fine and not alla fine?  I've seen alla fine only
> > once and I wondered about that.
> Both "al fine" e "alla fine" are correct italian. In the every day
> language you say "Alla fine" (for example: "Alla fine della giornata" =
> "At the end of the day"), but in the musical language you say
> "Da capo al fine". As most of the musical terms, it's old fashoned: in
> the common language "fine" means something like "aim".
> Maurizio Umberto Puxeddu.
Thank you so much.  Can you stand another question?  Is musical,
so to speak, Italian based on some particular dialect like
Milanese or something else other than la lingua Fiorentina?

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