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Re[2]: Agré

From: Jérémie Lumbroso
Subject: Re[2]: Agré
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 12:45:35 +0200

Hello Jan,

>>  I wondered if anybody could possibly (consider?) add
>> the following (French) ornaments to Lilypond.

JN> Do you need all of them, which ones do you miss most?

Yes,  I  do  think all of them are required. The real reason
I'm typesetting this music if either because :
   a) I want to make it available to public for a very cheap
      fee (using your telephone line).
   b) I  find most current editions lacking as to the compo-
      posers real intentions, and thus doing the same by not
      using the exact same ornamentation would be pointless.

JN> It seems to me that LilyPond only lacks the one in the second measure,
JN> and possibly those in measure 10 and 11, but I need to print it first
JN> (could you send me a highres version anyway?)

You  may be half-right on that point. But to my likings, I'd
think  the one in the first mesure is lacking. You can't but
the  prall  you  used,  because  it's  not  the same length.
Although the length of a prall didn't really matter (the mu-
sicians  just used to do a few non-chalent snakes over their
notes), nowadays they are viewed as two different ornaments.

JN> Some of them are easy to add, if you really want you can have a look
JN> at mf/  You'll see the definitions for prall, prallprall,
JN> upprall etc. there.  It seems that the one in measure 2 is a simple
JN> combination of a mordent and a upprall.  It would be good to have the
JN> `real names' of these beasts.  Anyone?

I  think  you're right. I've wondered who came along calling
those  `beasts'  names  like prallprall... That's in my view
quite hilarious. But I quite see the typesetting advantage.

There  isn't really a name for each of those, as the sheet I
sent you show, each composer really gave each sign a name of
it's own, not always according to the rest.
In France, mordant could mean the same thing as tremblement,
and  as  pincé... You'd have to follow one certain author to
name them.

Best regards,
 Jérémie                            mailto:address@hidden

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