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Re: Agr�

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: Agré
Date: 28 Jun 2001 15:46:52 +0200
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Jérémie Lumbroso <address@hidden> writes:

>  I wondered if anybody could possibly (consider?) add
> the following (French) ornaments to Lilypond.

Do you need all of them, which ones do you miss most?

It seems to me that LilyPond only lacks the one in the second measure,
and possibly those in measure 10 and 11, but I need to print it first
(could you send me a highres version anyway?)

Some of them are easy to add, if you really want you can have a look
at mf/  You'll see the definitions for prall, prallprall,
upprall etc. there.  It seems that the one in measure 2 is a simple
combination of a mordent and a upprall.  It would be good to have the
`real names' of these beasts.  Anyone?

Here's a start, please continue this if you like.

\header {
  texidoc="Document trills, pralls and turns"
  title="Marques des agr\'ements et leur signification"

\score {
    \property Score.TimeSignature = \turnOff
    \context GrandStaff <
      \context Staff=upper \notes\relative c'' {
        \time 1/4
        \time 3/8
        \time 5/8
        c4-\turn c4.-\upprall
      \context Lyrics=one \lyrics {
        "Double"4 "cadence"4.
      \context Lyrics=two \lyrics {
      \context Staff=lower \notes\relative c'' {
        % autobeamer has som problems here
        [\repeat unfold 4 { d32 c }]
        d8~[\repeat unfold 4 { d32 c }]
        d32 c b c \repeat unfold 4 { d32 c }
        b32 c d c \repeat unfold 4 { d32 c }
        [c32( b a16 b )c] [b32 c d c \repeat unfold 4 { d32 c }]

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