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Re: Beginner's Questions

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Beginner's Questions
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 15:35:19 +0200

You have already received a couple of answers while
I was formulating the text below. Since it gives
some more details, I send it anyhow.

This mailing list is mainly devoted to Lilypond, the
GNU music typesetting program. Take a look at to learn more about the program.
If you are used to Capella or some other editor with
a graphical interface, you will find the Lilypond
presents a completely different way of working.
You enter a textual description of the music in an
ordinary text editor and compile it into a form that
can be viewed on screen or printed on paper. 

Although Lilypond is mainly used in Linux, there is
a Windows version available.

There are some conversion programs available from the
ETF format used in Finale, and a couple of other formats.
Since my father runs Capella, I have had a quick look at
the Capella file format. The positive side is that it is
well documented, however it is mainly a graphical description
which may be difficult to translate into the more abstract
description of the music used in Lilypond. One alternative,
though, is to export to MIDI and translate the MIDI file to
Lilypond. The disadvantage is that most information on slurs,
dynamics and all typographical information is lost in the 


> I have to write some music for piano and singer and
> was checking if I could find a nice and easy software.
> The capella programm seems to be pretty good, but it
> is too expensive for me as I need it only seldom. Is
> there any free software which is as good or any trick
> to copy the notes from a free capella version to a
> shareware programm? 
> Thanks for help!
> Ted
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