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Trouble with multi-bar rests

From: Matthew Krause
Subject: Trouble with multi-bar rests
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 20:26:55 -0400

As the incredibly clever subject line says, I'm having trouble with
multi-bar rests. More specifically, they don't seem to be printing
correctly. IMHO, a multi-bar rest usually looks sort of like |=====|
with a number above it, as is shown on the lilypond website.

However, the multibar rests I'm seeing when I view/print with YAP
(0.98n) and GSView (3.6) seem to look more like ||  ||, and don't have
the number of measures printed above. Everything else displays as
expected thus far.

Sample of what I'm feeding lilypond:

   \clef violin
   \key bes \major
    \time 4/4
   \property Score.skipBars = ##t R1*8 R1*2
   \relative c'' {
    [d8-- d->] r4 d4-^ r des4.-- c8-> r2
 % etc...
  \paper { }

FWIW, I'm using lilypond 1.4.3, and MikTex 2.1 on Win 95. As I write
this, I have the sinking feeling that this is a RT{F}M sort of question,
but...well, I have.

Thanks for any help.

btw: I'm not sure how to subscribe to this list, or even if it is a
list, so could someone:
    1) cc/ forward me replies
        or, even better,
    2) give me pointers on how to subscribe.


Matthew Krause

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