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Re: 1.5.x todo list

From: Olivier Guéry
Subject: Re: 1.5.x todo list
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001 14:34:31 +0200

Le Dimanche 24 Juin 2001 06:17, vous avez écrit :

> Here's my list of features it would be nice to implement in 1.5.x:
> -tabulature (yeah, me too)
> -"finish" drumnotation (i.e. drums without scheme-apply; midi and paper
> in same score)
> -lots of midi-fixes: Repeats, tuplets, all those accents, crescendii,
> etc...
> -vertical paper handling:
>  Lilypond has a very sophisticated routine for deciding linebreaks. Some
> similar is needed to decide pagebreaks. Including oneside vs. twoside
> output, better vertical spacing (when filling out the space on a page,
> increase distance between staves and not just systems).
> -Easier syntax for tweaking single notes/slurs/etc. Especially slurs.
> -Nicer slurs. I.e. fourth order polynomials instead of third order
> polynomials.
> -Rune

        Hello, you forgot,

        (oD GRACES NOTES :o)=
        I'll be here for testing them !
        Some other idears, until I'm not able to write any line of lily, take 
it as 
you want !
        It would be grate to find again the \tempo notation on the top of the 
        Box and circle easer around the \mark, possibility to choose the number 
bar on a line (jazz notation). Jazz grill for chords. Some colision problem 
are still here (see the file linked).
        We can do it. We can began a big game : How many version for 1.5 ??? 
winner won the right to use lily 1.6 first !

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