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Re: stanza numbers and incipits

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: stanza numbers and incipits
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 16:55:22 +0200

> I'm having trouble getting the stanza numbers to print the way I want
> them with the incipits.  I can get the numbers before the incipit, but
> then there's a long break between the number and the start of the
> lyrics to which it applies.  If I put the stanza property statement
> after the "lyrics" for the incipit, the stanza numbers don't print at
> all (see attached file).  Does anyone have any ideas about how to
> solve this problem?

The stanza property works only at the very beginning of a score,
so the only chance is to use stz instead:
\property LyricsVoice . stz = "1."
I don't have a running Lilypond here but from reading the source
it seems that Lilypond considers typesetting a stanza at each
bar line but since the grob property visibility-lambda of 
StanzaNumber is set to begin-of-line-visible by default, the stz 
will only be printed at the beginning of new lines.
I would try to do

\property LyricsVoice . StanzaNumber \override 
        #'visibility-lambda = #all-visible

before the bar line at the end of the incipit and 

\property LyricsVoice . StanzaNumber \revert #'visibility-lambda

before the next bar line.


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