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Re: lily 1.4.3

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: lily 1.4.3
Date: 19 Jun 2001 20:45:45 +0200
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"William R. Brohinsky" <address@hidden> writes:

> The setup.exe uninstalls leave things behind as well
> [.. ] and hand-massage of keys in the registry

That's not good.  Things such as?

> This deserves scrutiny: I don't know many people who grin at the idea of
> reformatting their drives to install a new piece of software 8^)

Setup.exe is a *very* naive package manager, for some reason someone
wants to reinvent the wheel; maybe we should complain again to the
cygwin folks.

There are two big problems, afaik.  It keeps a list of files from the
tarball it installs, and removes those files afterwards.  Any files
generated later (upon configuring or first run, eg) won't be removed.
Also, there is the notion of post-install scripts, in
/etc/postinstall, but there are no post-remove scripts.  Ugh.  So,
while setup can set a registry key, it can't remove it.  (Not to
mention pre-install, pre-remove, and concepts such as purge vs

> > Just curious, why by hand when setup.exe flags new versions and
> > handles the upgrades for you?
> Um. There may be some manner in which this will happen. But I ran setup,
> pointed it at each of the four mirrors, and none of them said they had a
> python1.5.2-2 upgrade.


> I downloaded the tarball and dropped it into the directory next to
> the -1 version, and setup still didn't notice it.

No, that's right.

> Does the .ini file used by setup have to spec a new version for it to be
> recognized?

Yes.  Setup.exe should always download a fresh setup.ini; if you
choose to install from the internet, and not from local directory of
course.  Setup.exe only acts on what's in setup.ini.

> This brings up another thing I saw in passing on sunday: there was a
> fifth mirror for a while,

Huh?  It gets the mirrors from downloading the file

    res.rc:    IDS_MIRROR_LST          

and is not in it.

> The presage of an alien invasion???!!!??

Possibly.  Or maybe you weren't running LilyPond's setup.exe, but one
you got from cygwin?

Btw, is my home machine, everyone please always use
{ftp,www}; whenever possible.

> If you want a good exercise, though, take everything in the online
> Mutopia downloads and run convert-ly on it, and see if there is a
> simple invocation that works equally well on them all.

We were working on a framework for that, actually.  It's still
misnamed `ports': it downloads anything you want from Mutopia, runs
convert-ly and then ly2dvi.  Then we got stuck doing the 1.4 release.


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