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Re: Win Lily

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: Win Lily
Date: 19 Jun 2001 20:16:00 +0200
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Jérémie Lumbroso <address@hidden> writes:

[cc to list]

> Good... I've finally made it (fixed my computer back
> and installed Lilypond) I corrected all Lilypond tr-
> oubles. I have a few remarks to set :

Thanks.  These are very neat and helpful.  The first two points were
also reported by Raybro just today -- are you subscribed to the list?
They should be fixed or will be in the next release I've dumped some
of this info to

for now.  Feel free to fix it up.

> 1. Each single time I've installed Lilypond, the Py-
>    thon package didn't seem full, at first I thought
>    it came from me, but then I realized it was a mis
>    take and I think you should add PYTHON15.DLL.
> 2. MiKTeX never gets correctly installed.  I've run-
>    ned setup.exe on a *virgin* computer ( = no other
>    programs installed except IE, Word, and of course
>    Win98SE), and each time, the paths get wrong.  It
>    's funny though, because it seems that the script
> or something has the good com-
>    mand to initialize it.It must not select the good
>    option.
> 3. The  fonts are  not correctly indicated.  This is
>    solved, as you found, out by doing :
>    before running the Lilypond setup.  I know LY2DVI
>    is supposed  to do this,  but something  about it
>    fores not seem to work correctly.  I prefer using
>    Lilypond.exe

There are two problems here.  Plain lilypond.exe won't give you any
titling.  Also, in case LilyPond can't find a TFM file, it wants to
generate it from the MF source.

With 1.4.3, this MFINPUTS setting you want should be set automatically
by dvips and tex wrappers, just before dvips.exe and tex.exe are

> 4. I'm a bit dubious about using a $datadir variable
>    to define all the other paths,  so I "hard coded"
>    it to each path  (for my personal  initialization
>    script : that I'm sending you too).

Ok.  The fact is that this script that has the $datadir is the same we
use for unix, and it is generated on compile time.  It should be ok.
If you're in doubt, just add a

     echo "($datadir)"

in the script so see what it is.

> 5. Would you have a single clue about if DOS environ-
>    nmental variables get passed on to those programs?

Which programs?  In general: yes.  If you start a program from a bash
shell, all variables that were export'ed:

     export foo

are readable by any program you start.  Type `env' to get a complete
list.  In a DOS shell, a program sees all variables that you have set
with DOS's set command.

You can test it very easily by setting variable in DOS, and run
bash.exe, and see if it's there.  Or, run bash, set a variable, run
cmd.exe and see if it's there.

>    In that case, I could easily achieve the DOS batch
>    file... But I prefered to know beforehand, as con-
>    verting  UNIX-type paths to  Windows-type paths is
>    very long when you have twenty of them.

There is a cygwin utility for this called cygpath.exe.  It's being
used by the scripts in /etc/profile.d too, have a look.

> Here are some features that I _need_ to have in Lily-
> pond, to be able to get anything out of it.I'd appre-
> ciate if you could tell me who I should contact to be
> *sure* it's going to be added some time soon :

With Free Software, such as LilyPond, you can never be *sure*, unless
you do it yourself (or arrange a programmer to do it for you).

>    - Addition of five of six pages of ornaments (from
>      different  composers).  I'd wonder  if for those,
>      there shouldn't be a composer code :
>          prall_coup = The prall used by F. Couperin
>          prall_angl =  "    "    "   " J.-H. D'Anglebert

How many ornaments are this, and what do they look like?  I think we
would need a picture, or a good desciption.

Maybe, the trills you need are already in LilyPond.  I've got two
music encyclopedias that mention both composers, but the don't mention
a new type of prall.  The small Dutch one I have shows excerpts from
pieces of both composers; Couperin's piece shows mordents and an
extended `prallprall' trill.  Both are in LilyPond, see:

If the trills you want are simple enough, you have good chances they
will be added.  Also, it's not difficult, you could learn to do it

The only thing that google could tell me on this is

which doesn't help much.

>    - Figured bass... This is a must for baroque music
>      and early music in general.

I don't know, how do people do this?  It's not built into LilyPond,
but it should be doable.  Have a look at input/test/
You could use lyrics mode.  A web search on `lilypond figured bass'
may also help.

> Also,  if it's not asking you too much,  I would very
> like it very much if you could send me, a Lilypond PS
> output showing each cleaf available (the non-moderns).

The regression test document shows all clefs, I think.


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