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Re: lily 1.4.3

From: William R. Brohinsky
Subject: Re: lily 1.4.3
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 09:13:44 -0400

Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:
> "William R. Brohinksy" <address@hidden> writes:
> >  Anyway, I did achieve something approaching a virgin condition.
> So, it may be that half installed versions give bad results?

I think that half-installed versions, previously installed versions, and
previously installed non-cygwin installations of support programs
(gsview, miktex, python 2) all contributed. The setup.exe uninstalls
leave things behind as well, so without the hand-deletion of the cygwin
tree, MiKTeX and GSview/Ghostgum stuff and python from Program Files,
and hand-massage of keys in the registry, you can't actually get to a
pristine condition, unless you start there. 

This deserves scrutiny: I don't know many people who grin at the idea of
reformatting their drives to install a new piece of software 8^)

> > I installed the lily installation using setup. I downloaded the -2
> > version for Python, with the included python15.dll, and untarred that by
> > hand.
> Just curious, why by hand when setup.exe flags new versions and
> handles the upgrades for you?

Um. There may be some manner in which this will happen. But I ran setup,
pointed it at each of the four mirrors, and none of them said they had a
python1.5.2-2 upgrade. I downloaded the tarball and dropped it into the
directory next to the -1 version, and setup still didn't notice it. 

Does the .ini file used by setup have to spec a new version for it to be

This brings up another thing I saw in passing on sunday: there was a
fifth mirror for a while, This seemed to have more
new versions and perhaps more files available than the ones on Appel and
Lilypond, which surprised me. I started the download from
planetmirrors...and partway through, the download stopped, unable to get
any of the remaining stuff on the list. Was this an anomaly? a mirror
that shouldn't have been on the list, and was corrected? A pirate mirror
(with evil intent and doctored installs?) The presage of an alien

Oh. Sorry.

Anyway, it was interesting, and from my position of ignorance,
undecodable. I deleted it all and went back to

> > and then, I had to run gsview32, cancel all the error messages, and from
> > the menu call up options/Advanced. In the top line, I set
> > c:\cgwin\usr\windows\gs\gs6.50\bin\gsdll32.dll
> Is this really necessary, now that that bin directory is in the path?

Maybe not with your corrections in place. With mine, it certainly was. I
believe part of the cause is that GSview was looking for gs.dll by name?
It certainly refused to find the dll until I entered the above string.
The automatically inserted text was not correct. (Could this have been
another vestige of a previous installation that I missed? You bet. Do I
think it was? No...but not enough to put money on.)

> > and I had to correct the two include paths on the next line to point
> > where the fonts and .ps files really are.
> Hmm, that's hairy.  Could you try to undo that change again, and then
> try to fix it by setting environment variables, eg:
>     export GS_LIB='c:\cygwin\usr\ ... '
>     export GS_FONTPATH='c:\ ... '
> (please fill in the dots)  That way, it could be automated.
> The script /etc/profile.d/ makes an attempt at
> pointing these variable to the LilyPond tree...

I'll do this as soon as I'm able, yes.

> > Now...I have to figure out what I need to do to make my old .ly's work.
> > Maybe Convert-ly is up to this...
> >
> > <sound of insane giggling, receding into the basement...>
> :-)
> Again, if you find any contstructs that are not being converted by
> convert-ly, please send a report.

So far, I have had no constructs that are converted by convert-ly.
convert-ly has been a bust for me. But I didn't spend lots of time on
it, though, because commenting out the stuff I learned to use from
mutopia worked, and the output didn't change. I'm not giving bug reports
on it simply because I don't have enough expertise with lilypond as a
language yet to understand what's wrong, how much of it is the language
and how much is programmer-added definition, etc. If you want a good
exercise, though, take everything in the online Mutopia downloads and
run convert-ly on it, and see if there is a simple invocation that works
equally well on them all.


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