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Re: putting slurs on bottom instead of top of staff?

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: putting slurs on bottom instead of top of staff?
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 09:22:45 +0200

> hi all!  just did my first song in lilypond and wanted
> some longer slirs to be on the bottom of the staff
> instead of on top where it is pushing the guitar
> chords a bit too high for me.  i can't figure out how
> to do this.
> any ideas out there?

There is a predefined macro \slurDown that sets the corresponding
property. This and several other macros are defined in the file
ly/, but it seems thay are not mentioned in anywhere
in the documentation.

> also...while i'm bothering everyone, is there a way to
> increase the size of the lyrics font without
> increasing the size of the staff?  i tried the
> font-style property, but it messed up the note-lyric
> alignment.

\property Score . LyricText \override #'font-relative-size = #1
(default is relative size = 0). However, it shouldn't be possible 
to mess up the alignment by just setting a font selection property, 
could you send us a small example of what you tried.


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