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Re: The Star Spangled Banner

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: The Star Spangled Banner
Date: 14 Jun 2001 18:14:26 +0200
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EagleIce <address@hidden> writes:

> It was never my intention to *bother* anyone

Oh, ok.  That's not what I meant, really.  I wanted to say: it is not
helpful for us to get bug reporst for bugs that have been fixed.

> > Maybe someone even put it up to build a case against LilyPond; if you
> > do a websearch you'll find a proprietary software vendor that compares
> > their software against LilyPond 1.0, a release that's three years old.
> > Be informed, don't be fooled.
> >
> I am very well informed about notation software on the market, I do not 
> consider myself beeing *fooled* by any of them.

I just wanted to say: we cannot take responsibility for every piece of
LilyPond output that can be found somewhere on the web.  That's beyond
our control.

> but my intention was only to make sure that the Mutopia file was OK,

Ah, ok.  Now I understand why you kept referring to the 1.3.56
version: you thought it was in Mutopia.  That's why there was a
misunderstanding: I *knew* that the file is not in Mutopia, so the
only thing I cared about was whether this bug was fixed in current

Yes, we want to hear of bugs in Mutopia music, but note that most
Mutopia pieces have a maintainer; it would be preferrable if a bug
report would be sent to them first.

> You just make me uncomfortable by nagging and picking on me, if you don't 
> like newcomers around here then you can just tell me straight out buzz off. 

I'm sorry; that's very much not how I want you to feel.  Besides,
there are other, much friendlier people on this list; feel welcome.

> In your first reply to my mail you said:
> ---
> As far as I can see, all looks fine here:
> This was not informative for me; it does not say anything about Mutopia or 
> the .ps file output, or the address to the page keeping it.

Yes, I see.  Hopefully you can understand a bit why I didn't find your
comments on 1.3.56 interesting: 1) I knew it was no Mutopia piece and
2) it was not a bug in the latest LilyPond.


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