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Re: The Star Spangled Banner

From: EagleIce
Subject: Re: The Star Spangled Banner
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 14:41:14 +0200

On Thursday 14 June 2001 12:14, Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:
> Of course, that's last week's release.  Our website clearly states,
> that bugs should be checked first and then reported against the latest
> version.  Please don't bother us with bugs that were already fixed.
It was never my intention to *bother* anyone

> > but now I can't find it at Mudela so I might have got
> > it some other place. I downloaded it monday while surfing through a lot
> > of other sites at the same time.
> Well, someone didn't update their site for more than a year.  You
> should take it up with the appropriate website owner.  Chances are
> that, when surfing the web five years from now, you may still stumble
> across that very same faulty LilyPond output.
If you take a close look at the text above you should be able to read the 
following text: * can't find it at Mudela*, (of course I meant *Mutopia*) 
however I search I can't find it there.

> Maybe someone even put it up to build a case against LilyPond; if you
> do a websearch you'll find a proprietary software vendor that compares
> their software against LilyPond 1.0, a release that's three years old.
> Be informed, don't be fooled.
I am very well informed about notation software on the market, I do not 
consider myself beeing *fooled* by any of them.

Obviously I could have been better prepared before I sent my message in the 
first place, but my intention was only to make sure that the Mutopia file was 
OK, I couldn't even imagine that I would be *bothering* anyone by doing so.
You just make me uncomfortable by nagging and picking on me, if you don't 
like newcomers around here then you can just tell me straight out buzz off. 
In your first reply to my mail you said:
As far as I can see, all looks fine here:
This was not informative for me; it does not say anything about Mutopia or 
the .ps file output, or the address to the page keeping it.

Have fun!

PS: I subscribe to the list; no need to send double mails.

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