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Re: Users

From: William R. Brohinksy
Subject: Re: Users
Date: Sat, 09 Jun 2001 12:28:29 -0400

If I ever get the windows/cygwin distribution working on my machines,
what I intend to do with lilypond is a new (and now possibly spurious)
transcription of Harmonices Musices Odhecaton A. Eventually, I've plans
for an arrangement a Tchaikovski symphony for concert band (I live in
the US Coast Guard Band's vicinity, and hope they'll consent to use it!)
and to do arrangements for my church's worship band and choir.
Additionally, I've a list of other works that I need to typeset for my
viol consort, including the chansons in the collection that has been
scanned and posted on the Denmark Royal Library web site, numerous of
Haydn's baryton trios, and lots of other stuff.

Odhecaton, by the way, is having its 500th anniversary this year, so
it's getting the kind of attention it deserved for a long time now. I've
been trying to get a transcription of the entire volume done for 20
years now, and frankly, wysiwyg editors range from impossible (no
incipits, difficulties with notating proportions and coloration in a
manner that helps the new consort while still leaving interpretation in
the hands of more experienced consorts!) because they're too simple, to
impossible (years of experience needed before you can even get a line of
notes in the right places, like Finale). Lilypond seemed to be a lot
more reasonable, since it also afforded the ability to enter music
without touching a mouse.

I did get 1.3.42 (the windows dist that doesn't use cygwin) fairly
usable, but really wanted to get a later edition, which would afford 
the possibilities of edited original notation and such, working. I have
five and a half of the Odhecaton's 96 pieces entered, and I've been able
to complete them at a rate of about 1 a day. This is so much faster and
easier than with wysiwyg music editors, and the results are easier to
read and much easier to manipulate.


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