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Time signatures, was: copyright notice

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Time signatures, was: copyright notice
Date: Sat, 09 Jun 2001 13:44:08 +0200

> David wrote:
>     >> I think it would be better if \time 4/4 and \time 2/2 did the
>     >> numbers and \time c and \time 2 did the other thing. 
> I agree.  I typeset Renaissance using the original time signatures,
> and in the period I usually do, it was common to switch between C and
> 3, and the \property statements I have to type to do this are far too
> verbose.

The verbosity is easy to handle:

  \property Staff.TimeSignature \set #'style = #'C
  \time 4/4;

  \property Staff.TimeSignature \set #'style = #'default
  \time 4/4;

  \property Staff.TimeSignature \set #'style = #'1style
  \time 3/4;

Include these definitions and all other's you need in a separate 
.ly file that you could include in all the scores where you want

There have been a number of complaints that it was impossible to
have numbers in identifier names, I'm not sure if that's has been
fixed yet, otherwise you'd of course want to name the macros
\time44 \time3, and so on. 


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