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Re: copyright notice

From: Laura Conrad
Subject: Re: copyright notice
Date: 09 Jun 2001 07:01:52 -0400
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David wrote:

    >> I think it would be better if \time 4/4 and \time 2/2 did the
    >> numbers and \time c and \time 2 did the other thing. 

I agree.  I typeset Renaissance using the original time signatures,
and in the period I usually do, it was common to switch between C and
3, and the \property statements I have to type to do this are far too

    >> The C was an abbreviation and therefore should be easier to
    >> enter than the 4/4 it abbreviates.  :-)

Historically, this isn't true; the C is an incomplete circle in
mensural notation, and the 4/4 style of time signature came much
later.  It wouldn't have made any sense until measures were invented.

    >> Can I get page numbers in the style of
    >> "TitleOrAbbreviatedTitleAndOrPart page 5 of 12" etc.?  Or
    >> 5/12?  How?  I think it is a very good idea for anything printed
    >> on more than one sheet, and I
    >> have always done it when I could.

I've been using lilypond-book for anything of any length, and the way
to do that sort of thing in LaTeX is explained in the documentation
for the fancyhdr package.  Also how to get different footers on the
first page from the other pages, which may solve your copyright

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