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PDF file problem

From: Chris Sawer
Subject: PDF file problem
Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2001 08:36:29 BST

A user of Mutopia has encountered the following problem when printing out
some PDF files from the archive. I'm at a loss to explain the problem - has
anyone else experienced this, or has anyone got any ideas? I don't have
Windows on my machine but I'm sure people have printed out our PDF files
using Acrobat Reader without difficulty before.

> When I print out music in a PFD file I get all the notes but not the
> staff lines.  I am using Windows 98.  Any ideas why I am having this
> problem and/or suggestions to correct it?
> I am using Acrobat Reader 4.0.
> I just downloaded 5.0 and tried it again.  I printed all the notes but
> no staff lines.
> I printed Fur Elise and Bach Invention 13.
> The staff lines appeared on the screen and I am using an HP DeskJet 712C
> which usually does a very good job.

Fur Elise was compiled a while ago with LilyPond 1.2(.17 I think), but
Bach's Invention 13 is relatively recent, and was compiled with one of the
later versions of LilyPond 1.3.

Of course, I can always recommend that the user tries GV/Ghostscript, but
I thought I'd see if anyone can shed any light on the problem first.




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