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line breaking in lilypond-book

From: Laura Conrad
Subject: line breaking in lilypond-book
Date: 05 Jun 2001 10:01:21 -0400
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The attached file does what I expect if I run ly2dvi on it.  The
spacing isn't optimal, but it comes out on 2 pages.  However, if I
use it as a \lilypondfile in the attached .lytex file and run
lilypond-book on it, it claims it can't find a good spacing, and comes
out with lots of really sparse lines on 4 pages. 

It doesn't look any different to me from all my other files that come
out on two pages whether I use lilypond-book or not.  The only
difference I see is that I'm manually specifying the clef-glyph and
line for the incipit bass clef on the third line.  Is this a bug? Does
anyone know a workaround?

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