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Re: Basic problems

From: Rune Zedeler
Subject: Re: Basic problems
Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2001 07:40:30 +0200

Hej Rasmus :-)

Rasmus Resen Amossen wrote:

> In the following '' is copy/pasted from your documentation
> example.

This is odd. It seams like you have found some none-official page with a
copy of the docu. Where did you find it?
The problems is that your attached .ly is for an old version of
lilypond. On the lilypond-homepage <URL:> the
docu contains the correct example. (Documentation for users - lilypond)

The tar-distibution of lilypond contains all examples of the tutorial -
and the menuet is in input/tutorial/ I don't know if the
examples are also included in the rpms, but I think they are.

When processing old ly-files you might want to take a look at
scripts/convert-ly (or scripts/out/convert-ly).
$ convert-ly >
looks at the version string in the .ly and performs all syntax changes
since that file.
If the file contain no version string then do
$ convert-ly -a >
which will try to apply all known conversions - leading to lots of
warnings but usually working anyway.


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