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Basic problems

From: Rasmus Resen Amossen
Subject: Basic problems
Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2001 02:33:09 +0200

I've just downloaded lilypond, and installed it with guile1.4.
But I can't do 'ly2dvi' on any lilypond files. All I get is parse
In the following '' is copy/pasted from your documentation
What's wrong?

$ lilypond
GNU LilyPond 1.4.2
Now processing: `'
Parsing... error: parse error:
            \time 3/4;
               error: parse error:
        \bar "|.";
           error: parse error:
       linewidth = 14.0 \cm;


% lines preceded by a percent are comments.
\include ""
\score {
    \relative c'' \sequential{
            \time 3/4;
            \key g;

        \repeat "volta" 2 {
            d4 g,8 a b c d4 g, g |
            e'4 c8 d e fis g4 g, g |
            c4 d8()c b a( )b4 c8 b a g |
            a4 [b8 a] [g fis] g2.  |

        b'4 g8 a b g
        a4 d,8 e fis d |
        g4 e8 fis g d cis4 b8 cis a4 |
        a8-. b-. cis-. d-. e-. fis-.
        g4 fis e |
        fis a,  r8 cis8
        \bar "|.";
    \paper {
       % standard settings are too wide for a book
       linewidth = 14.0 \cm;

Rasmus Resen Amossen | stud.mat.dat at the University of Copenhagen
Jagtvej 120, -244    |
2200 Kbh. N          |

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