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Re: few problems on a score...

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: few problems on a score...
Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 08:48:06 +0200

>               Hello,
>       Here is some problems / bugs :
>       - i want a key signature with only bf af and df doco said to see the=20
> generated documentation for KeySignature... OK but where is this doc ?

It's available on-line. From, click on 
Documentation for users and then on lilypond-internals.
It's also available in info format on your machine, in
Documentation/user/out/ (don't know where it's
installed when you do make install), but if course the info
format doesn't include the graphical illustrations.

For this specific question, you may want to look at the example

>       - repeat concist in volta with 2 alternative where "1. & 3." and "2. & 
> 4=
> ."=20
> are ritten. I tried to use the Score.repeatCommands property, but ly2dvi =
> got=20
> problem with "space" and "&" sign.

First of all, you have to use TeX syntax for the and sign: \\& 
(the TeX command is \&, but you have escape the backslash).
Secondly, Volta indications are typeset with font-style volta
wich gives a font that only contain digits. Thus, you also have
to add something like
    VoltaBracket \override #'font-style = #'large
or some other font style that's based on ordinary roman font, 
for example tuplet.

>       - first and second alternative bar are not vertically aligned.

Well-known problem. 

>       - \bar "|:" don't work for the begining of the second repeat.

That's since you fiddled with repeatCommands which overrides \bar.
Change the preceeding repeatCommands setting to 
   \property Score.repeatCommands = #'((volta #f) end-repeat start-repeat)
and it should work properly.

>       It's not realy about my score but here is some error in the doc :
>       - the grace note ave a slur in the score ... It's not yet suported :o)

This limitation is included in the `Bugs' list in the section on
Grace notes in the reference manual. Which part of the manual do you
refer to?

>       - I can't find the list of all \bar command like in the old doc.

It was added again to the reference manual in 1.4.2.

>               nemo.
> --=20
> Olivier Gu=E9ry   address@hidden
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> bWFuZHMgPSAjJygodm9sdGEgI2YpKQoJCVxwcm9wZXJ0eSBTY29yZS5yZXBlYXRDb21tYW5kcyA9
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