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Re: incorrect headers with ly2dvi (1.4.1)

From: David Raleigh Arnold
Subject: Re: incorrect headers with ly2dvi (1.4.1)
Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 18:37:17 -0400

> > I find that Lilypond's default line breaking algorithm works
> > fairly well in most cases. Have you tried without these \break
> > statements with a recent version of Lilypond?
> The main reason I do this is because I want to have always 4 bars per line.
> This is the best representation for jazz music since it is built from
> 12- or 16-bar choruses in most cases.
> Olaf

Just in case anyone thinks that this is unusual I assure you that
it is not.  I know a jazz arranger who *always* has two measures
per line.  It might be nice to provide a setting for people who
are sure how many measures per line they want.  :-)

Jazz chord notation was introduced for the specific purpose of
getting rid of the special symbols that were used in sheet music,
because there was too much variation and it tended toward
illegibility when handwritten.  The use of a triangle, introduced
much later, is especially perverse and inappropriate.  It is
perverse because it does the opposite of simplify, and
inappropriate because no symbol is more likely to be misread when
handwritten than a triangle.

I believe the triangle is in "American Chords."  I find this
ironic and somewhat embarassing.  :-) 

     DaveA (Debian User)=====================
       The journey of a thousand miles begins
                 with but a single KITA.

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