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lilypond 1.4.1

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: lilypond 1.4.1
Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 17:55:49 +0200


* Added \tupletUp, \tupletDown, \tupletBoth.

* Bugfix convert-ly: treCorde.

* Slur attachment and extremity offsets taken relative to slur
direction; so that

   Slur \override #'attachment-offset = #'((0 . 1) . (0 . 1))

will always make the slur move away from the note head.

* Bugfix: slurs on dotted or flagged notes.

* Added @reng, @rgrob, and @rint macros for referencing engravers,
grobs and interfaces in documentation.

* Bugfix for configure.

* text2html: use python script, use <pre> instead of <xmp>.

* Fixed

* Bugfix: lilypond mode: make view messages scroll by.

* configure: check for splitting makeinfo; small fixes for
non-splitting makeinfo doc.

* Added some missing titling (dedication, translator) and fixed ps
(Thanks David Arnold).

* More doco fixes.  Added a small legend.

* Bugfix: trend of broken slurs with user-overridden stem attachments.

* Bugfix redhat.spec: use root attributes on files.

* Bugfix: typo in update-lily, re-set download url to /development.

* Removed some empty files.

* Merged tutorials. Simplified the text.

* Small doco fixes.


* Bugfix: percussion clef

* Bugfix: multiple scripts.

* Bugfix: read TeX's afm files. Metrics are still messed up (too
  small), but no

* Bugfix: fixed the problem where dots clash with other notes (Timothy


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