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Re: Step by step maybe i manage get llily working...

From: Michele
Subject: Re: Step by step maybe i manage get llily working...
Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 01:28:15 +0200


From: "David J. Roundy" <address@hidden>

> You're welcome!


> >...
> > the heads of the notes are like the "fermata" character...
> I would try looking in /var/lib/texmf and/or /var/spool/texmf and removing
> any directories named lily that you find.  Then reinstall lily 1.4 and run
> texhash (assuming you're using tetex).

it fixed the fonts of xdvi!!! , ghostview showed already the right fonts but
when i print out the score the note heads are like "$". I know questions
like this could be boring but i looked for all the directories called lily
and deleted them. Where can i find the fonts used by lpr to print the notes
(if it could be some help i've got a laserjet 6l).

When finally i got lily working i'd like to look deeper into the code...

Many thanks,


P.S. I study electronic engeneering (i'm working on error correcting codes
but i like programming though i'm not a good programmer, and i've got some
experience in electronic eng.) i will be happy to give some help if
accidentally helps :-)))   (my english coughs:-)))

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